About MERI:

Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

National Water Research Center

Mechanical & Electrical Research Institute



  • Optimize operation and maintenance of mechanical, hydro-mechanical, and electrical equipment in irrigation and drainage systems.
  • Develop new methods and techniques to evaluate performance and control of irrigation and drainage schemes.
  • Investigate nontraditional utilization of energy sources for water lifting in remote areas.
  • Increase efficiency, maximize performance and decrease maintenance operation cost of pumping stations.
  • Evaluation, calibration, and testing of pumping stations and electro-mechanical systems.
  • Design predictive maintenance programs for mechanical & electrical equipment of hydraulic systems.
  • Vibration measurements and dynamic analysis of pumping stations.
  • Design water hammer control systems.
  • Automation and control system of barrages and gates.
  • Application of renewable energy for water lifting in remote areas.
  • Enhancing power factor of pumping stations.
  • Evaluation of Cathodic Protection system for hydraulic structures.