Mechanical Department

This department is responsible for all hydro-mechanical systems including monitoring, inspection, and analysis problems of pumping stations.  This department has modern software to analyze noise and vibration measurements. Moreover it has Laser Alignment system to adjust and align the rotors of machines. Planned maintenance technique and predictive maintenance programs are applied for the pumping stations. Different analysis methods are used to evaluate the existing dynamic conditions, detect faults, and suggest solutions for different problems in water distribution system including barrages, gates, and pumps.


Electrical Department

This department is responsible for electrical engineering works, including electrical measurements for electrical variables, power quality and electrical problems analysis in water pumping stations. The department is concerned with utilization of renewable energy in water lifting and water desalination in remote areas especially CPV systems.


Automatic Control Department

This department is responsible for control the operation for mechanical and electrical systems. Also, it is also responsible for control water distribution systems and their problems to decrease water losses of hydraulic structures, and prolong their operating life. The department is concerned with performing tests on principal components used in controlling water systems, gates, barrages, and pump plants.


Calibration of Hydro-Electro-Mechanical Stations Department

This department is responsible for calibration works of Hydro-Electro-Mechanical and evaluates hydraulic performance of pumps and pipelines according to ISO standards. The department is concerned with evaluating the steady state and transient state of pressure variation in pipe line system and selects the suitable devices of anti-protection water hammer by using KY pipe 2000 software. This department has submersible pumps calibration lab and pumps calibration lab to evaluate the performance of pumping units.